Business owners in Katy’s Asiatown believe the same person is responsible for burglarizing yet another restaurant and breaking its windows, making it the fourth night in a row.

Com Tam Saigon Vietnamese Restaurant, located in the 23100 block of Colonial Parkway, has a wooden board covering the door, where owners said the burglar used a rock to break the glass.

Last weekend, we told you that a burglar hit 11 businesses in three days.

BreakTime Tea Lounge, Black Pearl Seafood Bar, Yummy Pho, Bo Ne, Beardpapa Ktown, Ding Tea, Fork It, and Lava Coffee were among the businesses hit near the Katy Freeway and the Grand Parkway.

Tasha Mabry, the owner of Fork It, moved from New York to Texas earlier in 2022 to open her restaurant. It has only been open for 25 days and is already dealing with criminals.

The owners believe their surveillance videos are all showing the same person using a rock to break in.

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office said they are aware of the frequent break-ins and would be increasing patrol in the area.

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