Harris County deputies are trying to determine what led to a shooting in a Walmart parking lot in northwest Harris County early Saturday morning.

Deputies were called to the parking lot on 249 near Antoine Dr. at about 2:15 a.m.

Homicide investigators arrived on the scene and found a woman and a man shot inside a silver car. The woman had suffered a fatal gunshot wound and was pronounced dead, deputies said.

According to investigators, the man in the driver’s seat suffered a gunshot wound and had a gun in his hand. He was taken to a hospital in critical condition. Deputies believe that he is not expected to survive.

ABC13 learned that the man and woman were in the parking lot to return the silver car to its rightful owner. Shortly after the car owner arrived, the shooting happened, according to deputies.

There is surveillance video of the incident, and investigators are looking into it.

Investigators said that the car owner and another person likely witnessed the incident as it was happening.

Preliminary information determined that the shooting may have been a murder-suicide, but a final decision has not been made, investigators say.

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