What used to be this family’s carport is now dangling on the family tree on the front lawn of their Pasadena home.

The family told reporters that, thankfully, no one was hurt.

“It’s like our tree just opened up its arms and held that metal,” Tonya McGrew said.

McGrew has lived in the Elsa Street home in Pasadena nearly her entire life. On Monday, she told reporters she was grateful their family tree held onto the pieces of their carport the wind was trying to take with it.

“That saved somebody’s life, whether it be ours or somebody else, I truly believe that,” McGrew said.

It was right before 5 p.m. Monday afternoon when McGrew says she was driving home and received a frantic call from her aunt.

“All I could hear is her screaming, and it sounded like she was in a vacuum real loud,” McGrew said.

The trampoline in the front yard is seen on surveillance video being picked up by the wind. It landed feet away, wedged between McGrew’s home and her neighbor’s house.

“I never thought it would be me- never. But now it is, and I can’t believe it,” homeowner Carolyn Beene.

Less than a half mile away on Camden Road, Carolyn Beene had her carport collapse onto her vehicle after a tree that’s been standing for 40 years in her front yard was uprooted during the storm.

“I thought, what could that be? You know, and then I looked out and saw every bit of that and was really upset and still nervous… nervous wreck,” Beene said.

Beene is still shaken up as this community was impacted by downed trees and loss of power for hours. It’s a feeling this area is all too familiar with, as they were hit by a powerful tornado just a year ago.

Loved ones created a donation account to help McGrew get back on her feet.

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