A northwest Houston car dealership can’t seem to shake a couple of dogs, who they say have now caused more than $350,000 in property damage.

Reporters first told viewers about this story back on Nov. 21. Owners showed an Eyewitness crew on surveillance video from past incidents, where the dogs allegedly tore up five cars.

Managers tell reporters the dogs did another round of damage on Friday night into Saturday morning.

“You see how they are using full power,” Imran Haq, G Motor’s finance manager, said.

It’s almost as if these dogs have a personal vendetta against G motors.

Haq said they sunk their teeth into a Toyota Corolla overnight.

Surveillance video shows the dogs left the lot after 9 p.m., only to come back and finish the job.

“The dogs are continuously working on the same car and this dog is standing and trying to eat the light and the hood area and everything,” Haq said.

The co-conspirators left a mark, or two, or five.

They almost ripped the bumper off. Also, wires, springs, and all kinds of car parts were ripped into and absolutely mangled.

“People you know they are aware of what’s going on. We are not getting customers, so they damaged the business. We are scared they are going to torture people, my employees, most of them are not coming to work,” Gaby Fakhoury, sales manager for G Motors, said.

Fakhoury thinks the dogs may be sneaking in under the fence.

He said this is the fourth time they’ve come here and caused damage.

Video shows them tearing off bumpers and fenders in three separate overnight incidents from Nov. 6 to Nov. 18.

“This is very unusual. I mean we love dogs; I have a dog in my house, but those are very aggressive dogs, and they need to be taken away,” Fakhoury said.

Because the Houston Police Department does not get involved in civil matters, Fakhoury reports have simply been writing on paper.

He said animal control did pay them a visit and brought some dog traps, but they aren’t working.

“We’ve been catching cats. We call them back and they pick them up, but we are not worried about that we are worried about people getting hurt people getting attacked by these dogs,” Fakhoury said.

HPD says if Fakhoury could find the owners of the dogs, he could sue them for damages. Fakhoury said he’s tried, but he believes the dogs are likely strays.

He said at this point the company is considering legal action against the city.

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