A high school student was expelled and is facing a felony charge after assaulting a Klein ISD employee on campus, according to the district.

It all started Wednesday afternoon when two students got into a fight at Klein Oaks High School. While trying to intervene, a faculty member was reportedly assaulted by one of the students.

The district told reporters that the school employee is undergoing medical treatment.

“Felony charges have been accepted against the student who assaulted our employee in addition to the highest level of disciplinary actions according to the Student Code of Conduct, including expulsion. Additional charges may be pursued as the investigation continues. We have zero tolerance for this inexcusable behavior,” Klein ISD said in part of a statement.

The employee’s condition is unknown, and it’s not clear what led to the fight.

The incident comes nearly a week after a Westfield High School employee was rushed to the hospital after a large fight between multiple students unfolded at Spring ISD’s ninth-grade campus in an unrelated event.

School safety has been at the frontline of debate for Texas lawmakers amid the ongoing conversation about gun laws and school regulations.

The Texas House passed legislation in April that is calling for significant investments to beef up schools’ safety, including hiring at least one armed security officer at every campus, providing incentives for school employees to get certified to carry a weapon, and installing silent panic alert buttons in every classroom.

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