Police believe they have arrested the man accused of stabbing an off-duty Surfside police officer earlier this week.

They caught the suspect after a chase overnight.

Officer Nathaniel “Nate” Williams is recovering in the hospital, and he can hopefully rest easier now that the man police believed stabbed him is in custody.

Undercover Houston police officers spotted the suspect’s vehicle overnight and attempted to stop him, and that’s when the chase began.

The officers were able to stop the suspect’s car with a PIT maneuver at Houston and Washington just before 11 p.m., police said.

Police said the suspect had a knife in his possession when he was taken into custody.

“He had one on him actually. When we got him out of the car, he was obeying our commands, but he had one knife on him,” Lt. R. Willkens with HPD said.

Investigators said it is unclear if it was the same knife that was used to stab Williams.

For now, the suspect is charged with felony evading, but police say he will also be charged with the officer’s stabbing after they are able to finish their investigation.

According to police, Williams was off-duty when he entered a Subway on Wednesday off Telephone Road.

Inside the restaurant, he noticed a man exposing himself to families. Williams told the man he had to leave, and was escorting him out to the parking lot when a fight broke out.

During that fight, police say the man stabbed Williams over and over, then took off.

The first officers on scene tightened a tourniquet around Williams’ leg to slow the bleeding. He lost a lot of blood and was taken to Memorial Hermann Hospital, where he is now recovering.

The Surfside Police Department set up a GoFundMe for Williams to help cover his medical expenses and the time he will be out of work recovering.

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