Residents in southwest Houston are concerned about a water leak in the midst of a drought.

Some say it’s been happening for several weeks causing some flooding on the road at Beechnut near Renwick.

Several neighbors are upset the problem hasn’t been fixed after they say they’ve made multiple calls to the city for the last three weeks.

One neighbor pointed out the road was beginning to cave and could see a hole. Something they say wasn’t there before the leak caused flooding in the area.

We spotted some bubbling in the area where the asphalt is crumbling while looking for where the leak started.

The spokesperson for the Public Works Department in the City of Houston told reporters that on Saturday afternoon crews have been out to survey the road. As neighbors wait for the situation to be fixed the team at public works says the delay may be because there are likely more emergent leaks around the city that need to be fixed first because of increasing demand.

The spokesperson for public works says their teams have seen requests double over the past week because of the drought. She says the drought causes soil to shift and that can cause pipes to break.

Neighbors say they’re concerned if the leak isn’t fixed soon the hole will continue to grow and cause more problems for drivers on Beechnut Street.

“It’s a water leak and we’re in the middle of a big drought and it’s gotten bigger my second concern is that it’s turning into a sink hole and it can actually turn into a big traffic problem. It just needs to get fixed,” neighbor Kris Lloyd said.

As of Saturday neighbors told reporters it’s fortunately not causing issues to the water source inside their homes.

At about 8:30 p.m., cones have been put up by the city.

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