According to someone who identified themselves as a friend of a man killed this week, the victim and his alleged shooter, Kimmerly Nguyen, knew each other for years.

Prosecutors said in probable cause court on Friday that Nguyen told her roommate that Cris Pena was coming over to play video games on the morning of June 13.

“The witness stated that she heard a loud pop sound but that she didn’t know what made the sound. Believing an item had fallen to the floor, she stayed in bed,” a prosecutor said.

The roommate, whom prosecutors refer to as “the witness,” told police that about five minutes later, Nguyen came into the room and said Pena had shot himself.

The roommate said she called 911 and then tried to give Pena CPR. We’re told Nguyen did not try to help Pena or call for help.

“When she was calling, the defendant collected items from the room and left the apartment,” a prosecutor said.

When police got to the apartment, they said they found Pena on the bedroom floor with a gunshot wound. They took him to the hospital, but he died.

About two hours later, Nguyen returned and told police she hadn’t gone far.

“The defendant walked the parking lot of the complex, played multiple games of pool in the front office lobby, made coffee, read a book in the front office, spoke to apartment staff, researched careers for convicted felons, and attempted to make a $5,000 payment on a restitution case,” a prosecutor said.

The roommate told police Nguyen made a living selling narcotics and had been violent to her before, even pointing a gun at her once.

Nguyen does have a criminal history of marijuana possession, a DWI, and assault. However, it seems she’s stayed away from crime since 2018, that is, until she was accused of murder and hiding evidence.

“Following the shooting, the weapon was removed from the scene, and the defendant is the only one who left the apartment,” a prosecutor said.

Narcotics and a shell casing were found in the room, and autopsy results showed Pena was shot through his dominant arm, and the bullet went into his chest. It was determined he could not have shot himself.

Nguyen was taken into custody and is being held on a $200,000 bond.

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