• With around 200,000 migrants in Houston, Mexican nationals from Puebla will be able to make use of their economic and political cohesion.
  • For the parties of both countries, the Puebla community represents a desirable electoral market.

With around 250,000 immigrants living in Houston and its surrounding areas, Mexican natives from Puebla represent one of the most vibrant population segments on both sides of the border.

This has obviously not gone unnoticed in the economy and politics of both the US and Mexico, consolidating a growing influence on the finances of both countries, where they will play a decisive role in next year’s electoral contests, with the dispute of presidencies and a myriad of electoral positions.

The enviable position of the Puebla natives has not been easy or free, according to the renowned political scientist and researcher Ramsés Uriarte, for whom this growing influence synthesizes decades of effort and sacrifices of a migrant population that stands out for its talent and dedication in its productive and entrepreneurial activities.

In that positioning, Uriarte emphasizes, the relationship that Puebla natives maintain with their home country and their host country has been key. “They are citizens of two worlds, who have very clear objectives and ways to achieve them based on their cultural codes, which allowed them to achieve full social, economic and political integration in record time in an environment that is often hostile to migrants,” he summarizes.

In that regard, he highlights the importance that the performance of the leader of the governing majority in the Congress of Mexico, Ignacio Mier, has had for that social group, with whom migrants identify and feel comfortable.

“With Congressman Mier there were key moments, such as the support he provided to his community in the electoral reform almost 10 years ago, which allowed Mexicans living outside of the country to obtain the main identification document, also known as the voter ID card, with which migrants can vote remotely and participate politically in Mexico and in Puebla, where many of their family members still reside and benefit from the money they send back home,” he explains.

In the US, Houston is a very attractive destination for migrant workers from Puebla, due to its great cultural diversity, in a city where Pueblan migrants have been a key component in the development of one of the most prosperous places in the United States. It is thus that since the 70s, Pueblans have been arriving in Houston in search of economic opportunities, and their presence has become increasingly prominent in recent years.

It is estimated that there are around 250,000 Pueblans living in Houston, and their presence can be felt throughout the city. Pueblan migrants have established strong communities in neighborhoods such as Spring Branch and Gulfton, and their work in a variety of industries has contributed significantly to the economy of their surroundings.

One of the sectors in which Pueblan migrants have excelled is the construction industry. Many of them have worked on building projects and home renovations throughout the city, which has helped improve Houston’s infrastructure. Additionally, Pueblans have also left their mark on the culinary industry, where many of them have opened authentic Mexican restaurants and food businesses.

The people from Puebla have also been a vital force in the energy industry in Houston. Many have found work in oil and gas companies, and their experience in the industry has helped improve productivity and efficiency. In addition, many of them have established small businesses in the energy sector, contributing to the economic growth of the entire state of Texas.

The presence of Pueblan migrants has also been very important in the cultural sphere. They have established community organizations and clubs to help newcomers adapt to life in Houston, and many have organized cultural events and festivals to share their rich culture with other city residents. Additionally, Pueblans have also contributed to the development of music and art in the city.

In summary, Pueblan migrants have left a lasting mark on the city of Houston. Their work in a variety of industries has significantly contributed to the city’s economy, and their presence has helped keep Mexican culture alive in Houston. Despite the challenges they have faced, Pueblans have demonstrated their resilience and have moved forward to achieve success in their lives and communities.

It is clear that this presence will continue to grow in the future, generating well-being in the bordering nations.

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