In response to the request of federal prosecutors, El Paso court authorized the reopening of the judicial process for money laundering against Mexican citizens filed in June 2013 in various cities of the country.

In the argument presented before Judge James Polito, the officials led by the prosecutor Robert Vega showed new evidence against the Mexican businessman José Saiz Pineda and his partners, who since that date have been seized from real estate, bank accounts, cars and belongings valued in 250 million dollars.

José Saiz Pineda being apprehended by Mexican authorities.

Among others involved, the evidence mentions the Mexican Martín Favela Yzita, who would have incurred in the crimes of cover-up, false statements and a plot to deceive the US authorities investigating the case.

Sources linked to the case also mention that it was discovered that other witnesses offered by the defense during the process would have participated in operations to try to hide other properties of the originally accused businessman, who at the same time was facing the tax and judicial authorities of his own country. .

After the determination of the federal court of El Paso, it is expected that in the coming weeks the support of the Mexican authorities will be requested to fully clarify the aforementioned case, in which financial and banking irregularities were also registered.

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