Election Day voting hit a brief pause for some early on Tuesday morning.

When voters showed up to some of the Fort Bend County locations first thing in the morning, they were told there was a delay thanks to the time change.

Fort Bend County Elections Administrator John Oldham said equipment was delivered last week, but when laptops were started up today, the weekend change back to standard time caused an issue.

A technician was brought out to the Great Oaks Baptist Church in Richmond. The fix took about 30 minutes, we’re told, and by then a line had formed of residents waiting to cast their votes.

Oldham says they don’t have information on how many machines specifically had this glitch. He believes about 12 locations were impacted by the delay.

Oldham added that they haven’t issues like this before, with the time change occurring just during the weekend before Election Day.

Everything was up and running before 9 a.m., according to officials.

Oldham said about 8,500 people cast their vote in the first two hours.

We’ve gotten some viewer reports of delays at individual locations in Harris County, but not as widespread as what occurred this morning in Fort Bend County. Eyewitness News is investigating and will update the situation as facts become available.

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