Michael Burham, the inmate with survivalist skills who escaped a prison in Pennsylvania, has been captured in a wooded area near Warren after more than a week on the run, a source with knowledge of the investigation told CNN.

A Warren County official told CNN they “are preparing an isolation cell at Warren County Jail” for Burham but do not intend to keep him past Sunday. It is unclear where Burham will be transferred after that.

Michael Charles Burham escaped from a jail in northern Pennsylvania on July 7, 2023.Warren Police Department

Burham broke out of Warren County Prison in northwestern Pennsylvania shortly before midnight on July 6 using tied-up bedsheets and elevating himself on exercise equipment, according to a county spokesperson.

Authorities described him as a “dangerous” inmate with military experience and survivalist skills after his escape from the 140-capacity facility that holds inmates awaiting trial or who are sentenced to two years or less behind bars.

During the weeklong search, police found stockpiles of supplies, including clothing, food and other items in a wooded area near the city of Warren that they said they believed were used by Burham, authorities said Thursday.

This is a developing story and will be updated.

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