A man has been convicted of murdering a Spring mother while she was sending her son off to the Naval Academy in Maryland.

Michelle Cummings, 57, was hit by a stray bullet as she sat outside a hotel in Annapolis in June 2021.

On Tuesday, after two weeks of testimony and several hours of deliberations, a jury convicted the gunman, 31-year-old Angelo Harrod, of murder, WBAL reported.

He was found guilty on all charges against him, including the first-degree murder charge.

Michelle’s husband, Leonard Cummings, was there for every day of the trial.

“When they came together and they put the evidence together, we watched it unfold in the courtroom. It was amazing,” Leonard said.

Prosecutors said Harrod was aiming at a couple in a SUV when the shots were fired.

Aside from the first-degree murder charge, he was also found guilty of attempted first-degree murder of the couple in the SUV, first- and second-degree assault, conspiracy to commit murder, conspiracy to commit assault, and several firearm charges.

Harrod’s mother spoke outside the courtroom.

“My son didn’t get a fair trial. No. My son, they didn’t treat my son fair. There was other people involved,” Angela Ragin said.

Prosecutors said Harrod is linked to the crime through surveillance video, cellphone data and distinctive clothing with his DNA on it.

Harrod’s attorney says he’ll seek a new trial.

His sentencing is scheduled for February of next year.

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