The holidays are a time when people like to celebrate with a drink or two, but sometimes we have a few too many.

That’s something a South Jersey dog can now relate to after accidentally overindulging.

Mary walked in on the aftermath of doggie cocktail hour.

A bottle of Baileys was on the floor and a bottle of vodka was knocked over on the counter with the cap half off.

Mary didn’t have to smell his breath.

“Jack try to walk. C’mon let’s go,” she says as the pup stumbles.

“It’s not funny but my dog is drunk and I don’t know what to do about it,” Mary adds.

Even when sober, Jack can be a handful. He’s a 5-year-old former shelter dog, possibly a German shepherd husky mix.

Mary immediately called poison control, then took Jack to the vet where he got IV fluids and was kept overnight.

The vet called the next day to say Jack was fine — and not even hungover. Lucky him!

So how did he get the booze?

Jack used a window seat to jump up on the counter to get at the booze.

You can see bite marks where he chewed off the cap.

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