A California teacher who received widespread backlash after getting caught on video bragging about how he was working to radicalize his students with far-left ideology was given three years of pay to resign, according to a local report.

Officials in January agreed to pay Gabriel Gipe, a social studies teacher at Inderkum High School, $190,000 to leave his post without fighting his prospective firing, the Sacramento Bee reported, citing settlement records.

After tax, Gipe walked away with a total of $100,000, the paper reported. His annual salary reportedly was $60,000.

Project Veritas exposed Gipe’s teaching methods last year on video, which captured Gipe stating that he tried to “scare the f—” out of kids in order to motivate them politically. Footage also surfaced of his classroom, which reportedly included a poster of former Chinese dictator Mao Zedong, as well as one with the Antifa flag.

Gipe also allegedly had a collection of stamps dedicated to Communist dictators, including one of Joseph Stalin and “an insensitive phrase,” which he had allegedly used to mark students’ work as complete. Other stamps had images of Fidel Castro and Kim Jong Un.

This screengrab from a Project Veritas video shows Inderkum High School teacher Gabriel Gipe discussing his political beliefs.
This screengrab from a Project Veritas video shows Inderkum High School teacher Gabriel Gipe discussing his political beliefs. (Project Veritas)

He also said in the video that a student complained about the Antifa flag hanging on the wall in his classroom, stating that it made him feel uncomfortable.

“Well this is meant to make fascists feel uncomfortable, so if you feel uncomfortable, I don’t really know what to tell you,” he says.

Following a raucous school board meeting with outraged parents, the Natomas Unified School District moved to place Gipe on unpaid leave. However, the paper reported that an administrative judge later ordered he be put on paid leave during any investigation or related hearings.

The settlement prevents the district from discussing details of Gipe’s leaving with any potential new employers except for general details such as his salary, the dates he worked there and the date that he resigned, the report said.

District Superintendent Chris Evans previously said that going forward, administrators will be tasked with looking more closely at classroom walls when they conduct their routine visits.

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