Several people were killed and dozens were injured in a shooting at Prague University on Thursday, according to Czech police.

The suspect was “eliminated,” officials said.

Police gave no details about the victims or the circumstances of the gunfire in the Czech Republic’s capital. They said officers were deployed due to a shooting at a school in Jan Palach Square.

Police advised people in the area not to go outside, and said evacuations were taking place.

Czech Interior Minister Vit Rakusan told Czech public television the person who opened fire was dead.

Rakusan said there’s no other shooter at the scene and there’s no imminent further danger, but he urged people to cooperate with police.

Police say officers were deployed due to a shooting at a school in Jan Palach Square.

The philosophy department of Charles University, which is located at the square, was evacuated, Prague Mayor Bohuslav Svoboda said.

The police department said the square has been sealed off. It urged people also to leave the surrounding streets and stay inside.

Jana Postova, a spokesperson for Prague’s rescue service, confirmed numerous people were injured but had no details.

As chaos broke out, people fled from Prague’s Old Town, running across the iconic Charles Bridge.

Leo Menindez, from Mexico, told reporters, “We started hearing the police sirens and ambulances from the Charles Bridge. Then we started hearing the shots and then everyone started to run.”

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