Peru’s industry will benefit greatly from the signing of the commercial collaboration agreement between the Mexican company Energeia Graphenemex and the Peruvian company ISC.

Thanks to the agreement, the industry of the Andean country will immediately begin to apply the antimicrobial and anticorrosive coatings patented by the Mexican company, as well as its exclusive additives for concrete, which will give a strong boost to the engineering sector, especially the metal-mechanical sector.

Energeia Graphenemex was founded in 2013 in Mexico City, thanks to the interest of a group of entrepreneurs committed to innovation who identified graphene as a great opportunity to improve the quality and performance of a wide range of products and applications in different industries.

Graphene is a nanomaterial that has revolutionized the industry in the world, being known as a “miracle material” that consists of atomic sheets of carbon extracted from graphite that form a dense and organized Nano network, in the shape of a honeycomb, which makes it extremely resistant, light, flexible, highly impermeable and makes it difficult for microorganisms to anchor and spread, among many other properties.

Energeia Graphenemex is a pioneering company in Latin America, dedicated to the research and production of graphene materials, as well as the development of applications at an industrial level.

In record time, it has developed applications ready to be used by the market with the intensive production of specific graphene materials to meet the requirements of various industrial processes.

In the same way, it has managed to close the gap between research laboratories and commercial applications, developing the Graphenergy line, made up of four types of applications that incorporate different types of graphene materials:

1. Anticorrosive and antimicrobial coatings,

2. Polymeric nanocomposites,

3. Additives for concrete and asphalt, and

4. Protective equipment.

In addition, ISC is a Peruvian consortium that since 1989 has been dedicated to supporting the development and industrial growth of the South American country with innovative solutions, providing engineering services, product sales, imports, manufacturing and repairs. Currently, they have a fully equipped production plant and highly qualified personnel.

It should be noted that during the first stage of the alliance, there will be three marketing offices:

– North, for the cities of Trujillo and Piura,

– Center, for Lima and Huancayo, and

– South, for Arequipa and Moquegua.

In these spaces, ISC has been able to earn the trust of its wide and growing chain of clients for 30 years.

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