A person was killed by an FBI agent Thursday morning during a hostage rescue in the Greenspoint area, the law enforcement agency confirmed in an update.

It is still an active scene at a Motel 6 off the Beltway, where the deadly shooting happened. The FBI responded at about 2:30 a.m. to assist the Waller County Sheriff’s Office. The FBI referred to it as “a multi-day law enforcement operation.”

Helicopter video shows a tarp covering the open door to one of the motel rooms. Reporters watched agents go in and out of that room and another one two doors down.

All hostages were safely rescued and no FBI agents were injured, authorities said. It’s unclear why the hostages were being held against their will.

The identity of the individual who was killed has not yet been released.

Authorities shared that there is no threat to the public, but they are asking people to avoid the area as the scene is still being investigated.

Earlier Thursday morning, we also saw several members of the SWAT team in the parking lot of a distribution center just south of the motel. At the time, authorities weren’t sharing any information. At one point, we did see several SWAT members run across the parking lot.

An FBI Shooting Incident Review will handle the investigation.

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