Twelve migrants were found in the back of a stolen 18-wheeler after a brief chase in San Antonio, authorities said.

The two women and 10 men found in the truck were all in good health.

The driver was taken into custody.

This comes as we continue to investigate the treatment of migrants at the border after reports that Texas troopers were told to push back migrants into the Rio Grande and ordered not to give them water. The Justice Department is now looking into the allegations.

Officials say they’re working with other agencies to assess the situation.

An internal email alleged that a 19-year-old had a miscarriage while trapped in barbed wire, and a 4-year-old passed out in the heat.

Mexican officials are condemning the situation.

Reporters spoke with a DPS spokesperson about the allegations earlier this week. He wouldn’t say it was a lie.

Instead, he said the border is a high-stress situation that can lead to different interpretations of orders that are given.

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