A 19-year-old is facing her sentence after admitting to snatching her friend’s newborn baby and claiming it to be hers.

On June 23, Kristen Julian was convicted of kidnapping the 2-day-old and now faces a 10-year sentence.

In December 2022, Julian was inside her friend’s apartment with her newborn baby. She waited for the new mom to go to the restroom and took the opportunity to steal her baby, according to the Houston Police Department.

Julian took the 2-day-old to her boyfriend’s Cypress-area apartment, claiming to have just given birth, according to police.

In an affidavit, Julian is noted to work as a dog sitter, suffers from seizures and anxiety, and claimed to have been pregnant, but investigators said they don’t believe she was ever with child.

Authorities showed up at Julian’s boyfriend’s apartment and began questioning her, but she insisted she was the mother of the baby. After more questioning, she eventually admitted that the child was not hers.

The newborn was returned to the mother, and Julian was arrested.

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