More than 230 arrests were made during the annual “Go Topless Jeep Weekend” on the Bolivar Peninsula in Galveston County, officials told reporters.

The event was rained out late Saturday, leading to gridlock.

Still, authorities made 234 arrests and 283 charges were filed, though most, 221, were misdemeanors, such as disorderly conduct and public intoxication. Thirteen of those charges were felonies.

Since Thursday, 60 calls for EMS were made, and 40 people were taken to the hospital for various minor injuries.

Two people were taken to University of Texas Medical Branch to be treated for critical injuries.

On Friday, a woman was thrown from a vehicle and injured her head, the Galveston County Sheriff’s Office said, adding that someone was also robbed of their wallet at gunpoint.

The sheriff’s office said two people were shot, but their injuries were non-life-threatening, while authorities believe a third shooting victim may have had critical injuries.

It wasn’t immediately known if the person robbed at gunpoint is among the three who were shot.

Last year, a sheriff directing traffic was seriously injured, suffering two broken legs, an injured arm, and lacerations after investigators said he was hit by a car and thrown into the windshield.

In 2022, the sheriff’s office said total arrests for the weekend were at 175 during the four-day event, 17 of which were felonies.

Meanwhile, Surfside Beach police said that area had no issues.

“On behalf of the officers we want to thank all the Jeep groups that attended Go Topless this weekend. We wanted to report we had zero incidents with all of the Jeep groups on our island. Thank y’all all again for a fun weekend,” the police department wrote on Facebook.

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