Thieves showed up to a Houston car dealership in a stolen gold Cadillac to steal another vehicle in the middle of business hours.

It happened on May 10 at Helfman River Oaks Chrysler Jeep Dodge in southwest Houston.

The dealership tells us the three people who stole the white Dodge are still on the run.

The owner is hoping someone will recognize one of the men in the video. Footage shows a gold Cadillac pull into the lot right past two employees.

“I think it’s very brazen,” Alan Helfman, the owner of the dealership, said.

The dealership has Flock Safety cameras, which identified the golden Cadillac as stolen. Flock is a license plate recognition camera system. The camera company called the dealership to tell them there was a stolen car on the lot, but the thieves managed to stay undetected.

“It was hidden over in the service area,” Helfman said.

The owner added that the thieves attempted to steal one car, but it was having engine issues, so they moved onto a white Dodge. As an employee walked by, the suspects broke out a window, climbed into the cab, pulled out computers, and were able to start the car without a key.

“They must plug into the system and see if they can’t start the car,” Helfman said.

And it was all in front of employees, cameras, and customers. They just drove away, and the owner says the loss was not even noticed until a few days later.

Helfman says there are steps that dealerships can take like adding physical locks to steering wheels. For now, he’s hoping someone will recognize the men and help recover the missing car.

“It’s really a terrible thing, and if they put their talents into the business world, they would probably be just as successful,” Helfman said.

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