It’s going to be a busy Friday and weekend for people whose homes, trees, and fences were damaged in Thursday’s storms. CenterPoint Energy shows more than 37,000 customers are still without power.

In the Cypress area, on Jones Road at Millridge, reporters saw a big downed tree, a broken fence, and still no power as she went into the neighborhood.

The downpours began at about 5 p.m. Thursday.

CenterPoint Energy said many without power are in northwest Harris County.

A man told reporters he ended up with trees through his roof and a lot of water damage inside.

Ronald St. John, who lives nearby, says he was in the garage with his neighbor as the storm started rolling through. He ended up with a tree falling on his chimney and a broken window.

“The wind was crazy. We saw little branches breaking. Next thing we know, ‘Boom.’ I’m like, ‘What was that?’ and I’m thinking it’s this tree right here. The last thing I thought was a tree past my neighbor’s front door and just decided it’s going to hit my house,” St. John said.

The severity of the storm briefly knocked out power during an HISD board meeting, leaving people sitting in the dark for some time. The lights turned back on shortly after.

CenterPoint said they have had crews working throughout the night and are prioritizing hazardous calls and repairs that will restore power to the most people.

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