A boyfriend and girlfriend had not been together long. They were a new couple, according to police. But, something caused them to get into a big argument, and police said that’s when she stabbed him to death.

It happened just before 11 p.m. in the 1300 block of Redford at The Redford Apartments off the Gulf Freeway.

The couple does not live at the apartments. They were there helping a mutual friend pack because he was getting ready to move, police said. That friend told police he heard everything.

“They were in a back room. Our witness says he heard an argument, unknown what they were arguing about. The female stabbed the male one time in the chest,” said HPD Lt. R. Willkens.

The friend said he walked in to find the girlfriend trying to stop the bleeding. They called 911, but the girlfriend took off, police said.

Police are looking for her.

The boyfriend, who was in his 40s, died at the hospital.

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