Police are searching for two people who were with a transgender woman when she was shot and killed in an east Houston neighborhood overnight — including the gunman.

The shooting happened very quickly, in just 10 seconds, according to Houston police detectives.

The victim was shot in the back in the middle of Wood Shadows Drive near the East Freeway around 1:45 a.m. Friday, police said.

She was pronounced dead at the scene.

Detectives said the victim was driving her car — a four-door maroon Chrysler 200 — with two other people also inside.

Police said the woman stopped the car on Centerwood Drive at Wood Shadows Drive, and she and a man got out.

That’s when the suspect fired one shot from behind before getting back in the car and taking off, according to HPD.

“Our victim stepped out of the vehicle, was driving another person – it’s hard to say – they were dressed in black, possibly a male,” Det. Sgt. Thomas Simmons said. “They got out of the backseat. There was one gunshot fired. The victim fell. The suspect returned to the back of the vehicle. The vehicle left.”

Police said the two suspects abandoned the victim’s car two blocks away on a dead-end street.

Investigators believe the shooting has no connection to the surrounding homes in the neighborhood.

They’re reviewing surveillance video, hoping to get a better look at exactly what happened.

The victim’s car was towed away from the scene and is being processed.

Investigators are working to figure out where the group was before the shooting.

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