A doctor who was heading into surgery early Monday morning said he’s shocked he’s still alive after an alleged chase suspect crashed into him at an intersection near the Galleria.

The crash happened at about 5:30 a.m. on Sage and West Alabama, SkyEye video shows.

The chase was brief and ended with the suspect of a stolen gray Chevy Silverado in custody.

The pursuit started at Westheimer and Green Ridge, according to officials, but one officer threw down spike strips at Westheimer and Augusta. Though the spike strips were a success, the suspect kept going and slammed into another driver, according to officials.

Dr. James Boynton, the innocent driver involved in the crash, told us he was heading south on Sage Road and had the right of way when he was hit by another driver believed to have been in a pursuit.

“Out of the blue, I get hit in the middle of the intersection. It should have cut my car in half. I get out of my car. I don’t know how I’m alive. One more foot back and it would’ve cut my car in half,” Boynton said.

The victim told us his airbags deployed and thankfully he was not injured, despite his car being pushed down the road from the impact.

“I saw a ball of flame over there. It cut that truck in half. I’m sort of in shock I’m even alive right now,” Boynton said.

The suspect went on to hit a traffic pole, causing the truck to split in half. After that, officials said the driver hit another pole and caught on fire.

The 23-year-old was taken to a hospital and in an update from officials, they said he was conscious, alert, and breathing.

He will likely face charges of evading arrest in a vehicle and unauthorized use of a vehicle, officials said.

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