“Gang members in our community, your time is up!” said Fort Bend District Attorney Brandon Middleton as he opened up Tuesday’s press conference announcing new programs and initiatives to crack down on all gang activity.

Chief Prosecutor Mark Hanna, who runs the Special Crimes Divisions, says the program is already showing an impact as they’ve already made 93 arrests in this operation, which identified 11 different gangs altogether. In addition, 16 firearms and 23.267 pounds of narcotics have been seized.

The Special Crimes Division is responsible for handling and investigation of gang related offenses.

Hanna adds that although these arrests were made, their efforts in tackling gang crime is not over, as they plan to hold these individuals accountable in court.

“We are active, we are being proactive. We are doing everything we can to keep our community safe,” Middleton said. “We will seek to hold every criminal accountable.”

Middleton also adds a tip for parents to look out for if they suspect their child is getting involved with a gang. He says signs to look out for are commonly used hand signs, change in clothing/appearance, change in friends, and change in behavior at school. He also says parents should also closely monitor their child’s social media.

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