The man accused of shooting and killing a Houston police sergeant in November 2020 was found not guilty.

Jurors, comprised of five women and eight men, were sent to deliberate Tuesday morning in Robert Soliz’s trial.

Soliz was charged with murder. He’s accused of killing Sgt. Sean Rios in what then-HPD Chief Art Acevedo described as a gun battle.

The trial had several starts and stops.

It began July 26 through 28 but then had to be postponed as a defense attorney dealt with a health issue and a juror later tested positive for COVID-19.

The trial resumed on Aug. 22 until an emergency health situation, again with an attorney, led to its recess until Nov. 7.

Reporters were told Soliz took the stand last week. The trial resumed Tuesday morning for closing arguments.

The defense has claimed self-defense, as there have been questions about whether Rios identified himself as a police officer.

“We are deeply disappointed with the verdict in this case, and we saw the evidence differently than the jury, and though we cannot agree with the jury’s decision, we appreciate their time and service. Our hearts remain with Sean Rios’s widow and four children, who will now grow up without their father,” David Mitcham, first assistant of the Harris County District Attorney’s Office, said in a statement. “Officer Rios spent his time here on Earth serving and protecting the people of Houston, and he gave his life in that noble effort. He will always be remembered for the hero that he was.”

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