A discussion over a divorce agreement ended with a woman’s husband shooting and killing her boyfriend before turning the gun on himself, according to authorities.

Wednesday’s shooting was reported at about 11:15 a.m. at “The Crab Station” at 4505 Cypress Creek Parkway (FM-1960).

The husband, 61, and wife, 28, agreed to meet at the restaurant to discuss the terms of their divorce after nine years of marriage, authorities said. The woman was said to have arrived at the location accompanied by her 44-year-old boyfriend, Major Susan Cotter with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office said.

The couple spoke inside the restaurant for about 20 minutes, before the estranged husband left and returned with a small, caliber, semi-automatic weapon, Cotter said.

The man shot the woman’s boyfriend multiple times, killing him, then tried to shoot his wife, but missed, Cotter said. He fired about 13 rounds in the restaurant. There were approximately five to six other people in the building at the time, including employees, but no one else was injured.

Workers called 911, saying the husband left in a black Maserati. Deputies found the vehicle parked about 100 yards away in the strip mall lot. Deputies approached the vehicle, and that’s when the gunman reportedly got out of the car and shot himself in the head, Cotter said.

The victim inside the restaurant was pronounced dead at the scene. The suspect was taken to Houston Northwest hospital where reporters were told he is on life support.

Neighbors who live near the couple were left in shock when they heard the news.

“When my son told me this, I dropped to my knees. I was like, ‘No! No! Are you sure?’ And he was like, ‘Yes, mama Jan.’ And all I could do was cry,” said Janice Solarie, who has known the couple since she moved to the neighborhood in 2020.

Solarie described the husband and wife as the epitome of a couple, confirming their names are Steven Harris and Rebecca.

She said Steven was a kind man, considerate neighbor, and loving husband.

“We had some other things happen in the neighborhood, and (Rebecca) was kind of concerned and (Steven) put his arms around her and he patted her and I thought, ‘Wow, that was very, very soft and tender,'” said Solarie. “If you talk to any of the neighbors, they would tell you, they would be in utter shock.”

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