What began as a Chambers County husband’s suspicious death in January has, in the past few days, spiraled into a full examination of a woman who’s been married five times, engaged at least once, and had two of her partners end up dead.

Sarah Hartsfield, who’s already charged and accused of killing her fifth husband, Joseph Hartsfield, is now facing renewed scrutiny in the death of her former fiancé.

On Wednesday, investigators confirmed that officials in Douglas County, Minnesota, reopened a death investigation relating to David Bragg, who was once engaged to marry Sarah Hartsfield.

Bragg was shot to death by Hartsfield in 2018, but local investigators deemed it as “self-defense.”

Douglas County said new information is leading to the case being reopened.

Reporters reached out to Bragg’s family, who released the following statement:

“His death was very random, and the circumstances that surrounded his death seemed farfetched, and almost made up. Unfortunately, the DA for Douglas County was not willing to take this case to trial and wrote it off as ‘self-defense,’ which brought a lot of concern to us, and zero closure. We are hopeful that this time around, we will be able to have that closure, and the knowledge that nobody else will be hurt by this woman.”

All of this comes as prosecutors are asking anyone who may have had dealings in the past 30 years with Sarah Hartsfield, who is currently in the Chambers County Jail on a $5 million bond, to call them with any tips.

One of those people in her past is her first husband and high school sweetheart, Titus Knoernschild, who told reporters on Tuesday that she threatened him after they divorced, essentially giving him reason to look over his shoulder for 27 years.

“She just- Just making it clear that I shouldn’t leave her. She would leave me. And then, as it got ugly, she told me that, not to be surprised if I don’t make it through this,” Knoernschild said.

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