A Richmond resident has been experiencing a strange problem where people keep coming to his door, claiming he stole their lost items due to a mistake on the “Find My iPhone” app.

Scott Schuster, the homeowner, has been living in his house since 2018 and says this has been happening every few months over the last few years.

He sent reporters footage from his doorbell camera, where people can be seen showing up at his door and accusing him of taking their lost phones.

Schuster has no idea why the app is pinging his address and worries that it could turn dangerous if someone shows up with a weapon.

He has contacted Apple Support multiple times, but the issue has not been resolved.

Schuster is upset about the people showing up at his door because he has young children and worries for their safety.

Reporters have reached out to Apple and the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office for a response.

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