Officials are continuing the search for a man who was swept away in Brays Bayou while trying to rescue two children on Wednesday.

Cameras captured video of rescue boats and dive teams searching in the section of the bayou that runs between SH-288 and Hermann Park on Thursday morning.

Crews from both Houston police and the Port of Houston were at the scene assisting in the search.

Unfortunately, the current was moving very quickly following heavy rain earlier this week, causing suction points at the bridges. It was also very windy, meaning the dive teams weren’t able to safely get into the water.

Instead, they were in boats, using sonar technology to search the water up and down the bayou.

Police said around 7 p.m. Wednesday, the man and another adult jumped into the water to rescue two 12-year-olds who got too close to the water and fell in near the bridge at Almeda and MacGregor.

Everyone managed to get out of the water except for the missing 22-year-old man, HPD said.

On Wednesday, HPD’s helicopter searched from the air. Police and firefighters were also stationed at points between the park and the ship channel before the search was called off due to the conditions.

“It’s very dangerous when you have these bayous. People should stay away from them, especially after a rain when the current is strong. It can be very dangerous and even deadly,” Lt. Larry Crowson said.

News crews saw many people at the scene — possible friends or family members — who were understandably very upset.

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