Cooling centers are open for the public this weekend to beat the soaring temperatures as thousands of CenterPoint Energy customers are reported without power.

The City of Houston activated its Public Health Heat Emergency Plan on June 14 as the area began experiencing intense heat. But after severe wind storms hit Houston on Wednesday, some residents have been without power for three days now.

The National Weather Service predicts that weekend heat index values will even reach as high as 111. CenterPoint Energy reported 17,000 customers to be without air conditioning Saturday morning.

The cooling centers will be located in Houston libraries on Saturday and community centers, and multi-service centers on Sunday.

Houstonians should also prepare for the heat by increasing water consumption, conducting outdoor work or exercise in the early morning or evening when temperatures aren’t as high, and wearing light-colored, loose-fitting clothing that permits the evaporation of sweat. If you’re attending Pride Houston events, The Houston Health Department urges you to take enough water.

On Saturday, Precinct 3 is opening the George H.W. Bush Community Center from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. with water and WiFi available.

Harris County and BakerRipley has partnered with American Red Cross to open an emergency shelter in northeast Harris County. The shelter located at BakerRipley, 3000 Aldine Mail Route Road will open at 2 p.m. Saturday, June 24. Red Cross workers are prepared to provide meals, a place to cool off and safe place to sleep.

Libraries available this weekend are listed below:

Acres Homes Library

8501 West Montgomery, Houston, TX 77088

Alief Regional Library

11903 Bellaire Blvd., Houston, TX 77072

Blue Ridge Library

7007 West Fugua, Houston, TX 77489

Carnegie Library

1050 Quitman, Houston, TX 77009

Central Library

500 McKinney, Houston, TX 77002

Clayton Library

5300 Caroline, Houston, TX 77004

Collier Regional Library

6200 Pinemont, Houston, TX 77092

Flores Library

110 North Milby, Houston, TX 77003

Frank Express Library

10103 Fondren, Houston, TX 77096 (inside Brays Oaks Towers)

Gregory Library

1300 Victor, Houston, TX 77019

Heights Library

1302 Heights Blvd., Houston, TX 77008

Hillendahl Library

2436 Gessner, Houston, TX 77080

HMRC Library

550 McKinney, Houston, TX 77002

Johnson Library

3517 Reed Rd, Houston, TX 77051

Jungman Library

5830 Westheimer, Houston, TX 77057

Kashmere Gardens Library

5411 Pardee, Houston, TX 77026

Looscan Library

2510 Willowick, Houston, TX 77028

Mancuso Library

6767 Bellfort, Houston, TX 77087

Melcher Library

7200 Keller, Houston, TX 77012

Montrose Library

4100 Montrose, Houston, TX 77006

Moody Library

9525 Irvington, Houston, TX 77076

Oak Forest Library

1349 West 43rd, Houston, TX 77018

Park Place Regional Library

8145 Park Place, Houston, TX 77017

Ring Library

8835 Long Point, Houston, TX 77055

Robinson-Westchase Library

3223 Wilcrest, Houston, TX 77042

Scenic Woods Regional Library

10677 Homestead Rd., Houston, TX 77016

Smith Library

3624 Scott, Houston, TX 77004

Southwest Express Library

6400 High Star, Houston, TX 77074

Stanaker Library

611 S. Sgt Macario Garcia, Houston, TX 77011

Stella Link Regional Library

7405 Stella Link, Houston, TX 77025

TECHLink Dixon Library

8002 Hirsch, Houston, TX 77016

Tuttle Library

702 Kress, Houston, TX 77020

Vinson Library

3810 West Fuqua, Houston, TX 77045

Walter Library

7660 Clarewood, Houston, TX 77036

Young Library

5107 Griggs Rd, Houston, TX 77021

The following city multi-service centers are designated as cooling locations on Sunday from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.:

Acres Home Multi Service Center

6719 W. Montgomery Road

Houston, Texas 77091

Sunnyside Health and Multi-Service Center

4410 Reed Road

Houston, Texas 77051

Acres Home Multi Service Center

6719 W. Montgomery Road

Houston, Texas 77091

To find the nearest cooling center location or an air-conditioned city facility, people can call 3-1-1 for more.

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