Many residents in Willis are spending hours cleaning up the extensive damage after Tuesday night’s storm. The storm hit hard, so much so that widespread power outages forced Willis ISD schools to close for the rest of the year.

The district says not all campuses will have power restored by Wednesday, so their only option is to close schools. They will not make up the missing day.

For Willis High School students and parents, the school will communicate through email about the need for any final exam make-ups.

In Cape Malibu, the damage is extensive.

Reporters saw several very tall trees in the neighborhood that toppled down during Tuesday’s storm. One of them even came close to landing right in the middle of a home.

One resident, Mark Chodamicky, said his neighbor was watching his pets when she called in a panic saying there was a severe storm in the area.

Chodamicky was sheltered at work in Conroe and left as soon as he could.

The damage was so bad he couldn’t drive into his neighborhood. He had to carefully walk in.

Montgomery County Precinct 1 Constable Philip Cash lives in the neighborhood and said there were no reported injuries from the storm, but someone suffered a medical emergency and had to be taken to a hospital out of precaution.

Chodamicky’s home had some damage, but he said it’s nothing compared to other parts of the neighborhood.

“Farther back in the subdivision, it’s horrendous. Multiple trees down, front porches ripped off, a truck is smashed by a tree,” he said.

First responders arrived Tuesday to do some cleanup to make roads drivable.

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