A fight between three men turned deadly when a woman in a nearby truck opened fire at them in a southwest Houston motel parking lot, according to police.

The scene unfolded around 7 p.m. Wednesday at a motel in the 13900 block of South Main Street near South Post Oak Road.

No one was at the scene when officers arrived to a shooting call at the address, but through an investigation, they learned that three men — 36, 41, and 29 years old — got into some sort of a fight when a woman in a nearby truck shot at them.

After the shooting, one man got into the truck with the woman and fled the area. The pair later went to a hospital to treat the man’s wounds and were detained for questioning, police said.

The two other victims, who police say are brothers, were taken to a hospital, where the 36-year-old was pronounced dead.

The relationship between the brothers, the third man, and the woman was not immediately disclosed, but authorities said they are interviewing the three survivors.

“At this point, we have the three survivors detained and being questioned by detectives and there’s a lot to unfold. We’re going to have to get clear statements from everybody regarding what precipitated this event. We do have good evidence. Detectives are piecing it together. Unfortunately, at this point, it’s just too early to tell how everything started,” Asst. Chief Megan Howard said.

Investigators found multiple guns at the scene.

HPD said the Harris County District Attorney’s Office was consulted and it was determined the case would be presented to a Harris County Grand Jury.

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