A suspension bridge in India’s western Gujarat state has collapsed, killing at least 40 people and leaving dozens critically injured, government officials have confirmed.

A state minister said at least 30 people were critically injured and some people were still missing, according to an official at a hospital where victims had been taken.

Hundreds of people fell into a river when the bridge collapsed on Sunday. More than 400 people were on the bridge in the town of Morbi at the time and were plunged into the Machchhu River, the local TV channel Zee News reported.

Footage broadcast by the TV channel showed dozens of people clinging on to the cables of the collapsed bridge as emergency teams sought to rescue them.

The 230-metre historic bridge was built during British rule in the 19th century. It had been closed for renovation for six months and was reopened for the public last week.

India’s prime minister, Narendra Modi, who is in Gujarat, his home state, for a three-day visit, said he had directed the state chief minister to mobilise teams urgently for the rescue operation.

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