The City of Houston is hosting the area’s fourth gun buyback event on Saturday.

This time, Houstonians can sell their guns at NRG’s Yellow Lot, located at 9051 South Main.

The event, in collaboration with Harris County Commissioner Rodney Ellis, will run from 8 a.m. to noon on Saturday, June 10.

City officials hosted two previous successful gun buybacks. The first gun buyback collected 793 guns, and the second event collected 1,252 guns. Harris County Precinct One, the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, and the City of Houston collaborated for a third gun buyback earlier this year, and officials collected 793 firearms. That’s nearly 3,000 firearms off the streets and traded in for money.

The event is completely anonymous, and no contact information is collected.

You can get the following amounts of money in gift cards depending on what kind of guns you bring:

  • $50 – Non-functioning firearm
  • $100 – Shotgun or rifle (hunting)
  • $150 – Revolver
  • $150 – Semi-automatic handgun
  • $200 – Semi-automatic rifle

After the first two gun buyback events, violent crime went down in Third Ward and Alief.

Before you arrive at the Yellow Lot, city officials ask you to unload your gun if you can safely do so. Then, place the firearm in the trunk of your vehicle.

At the event, a Houston police officer will greet you and direct you to where you need to go based on how many guns you bring.

Then, an officer will collect the weapon from your trunk. Do not get out of your vehicle or attempt to hand the officer the weapon.

You will then be given a receipt that you can exchange for a gift card.

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