Big savings and best deals, Amazon Prime Day 2023 is here, but it’s not just Amazon where you’ll find the savings.

During Amazon Prime Day sales, consumer saving expert Andrea Woroch says you’ll find the biggest savings on electronics, personal gadgets, and smart home devices, specifically the Amazon brand. A few examples Woroch gives are more than 45% off this Ring Video Doorbell75% off the Amazon Fire TV 43-inch Omni Series, and 55% off JBL Live Wireless Headphones. Supplies are limited on many of these deals, so act fast if you want to try and snag a deal.

On Amazon’s app, when you find an item you’re interested in purchasing, tap “watch this deal” to get alerts when the price drops. You can also research the price history of products on the website CamelCamelCamel as sometimes during sales like this prices are inflated. “This tool tracks prices of products sold specifically on Amazon, and this can help you determine if the deal you’re looking at is, in fact, the lowest available selling price. Then you know. Okay, let me buy it now if it’s something I need. Otherwise, if the history shows that it’s actually been cheaper in weeks or months before then, that would be a notification to wait for the price to drop even further,” Woroch suggests.

During Amazon Prime Day you can also find discounts on services. A few examples are three free months of Audible Premium Plus membership as a new Prime Membership, 50% off 2 months of Paramount streaming, and discounts on movie purchases.

Another way to save money is buying a refurbished model or older generation gadgets. She adds, “When comparing options, also check if there’s a refurbished option available which may be marked down even further during the sales event. Remember, refurbished electronics are repaired to look and work like new and come with a warranty so you get high quality for less.”

It’s not just Amazon offering the deals, Target and Walmart, along with other retailers are running their promotions as well this week, so shop around. Downloading the Honey browser tool is another way to track sales on Amazon or for items available during other competitor sales.

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